Frequency Transmitter Cley Hill


Frequency Transmitter Cley Hill






An orgone device that transmits electromagnetic frequencies to your brain and also to your environment. 




Common electrical devices such as the radio, cellphones, wireless devices (Walkie-Talkies, Bluetooth and Garage Door Remotes) are electrical transmitters.


The Frequency Transmitter functions in a similar way as the devices mentioned above. Harmful frequencies that are emitted from a cellphone (for example) vibrate at approximately between 800,000,000Hz-1,990,000,000Hz. A healthy human being vibrates at around 7.5Hz.


Simply connect the Frequency Transmitter to a cellphone, tablet, android or computer which will transmit through the wire connection the frequency that you’re playing. You may not be able to hear it but you’ll most probably feel it.


Play for at least 15-45 minutes for optimal effect, but you can always play it all day if you prefer.


You will feel a difference in the change in the room you’re in and also in your brain.


  • 174Hz Eliminates Pain.
  • 285Hz Influences your Electromagnetic Field
  • 396Hz Liberates your Fear and Guilt.
  • 528Hz the Frequency Scientifically proven to Repair DNA (which assists in healing and cleansing of toxins).
  • 741Hz Awakens your Intuition.


These are only a few examples of uses you can play and transmit on the Frequency Transmitter which can help in improving, restoring and regaining your power over your life.



  • 5G Protection.
  • Harmonizes Spaces:

        -In Meditation it transmits a certain frequency which allows you

         to stay in certain meditative states.

-Neutralizes Negative Energies in a Room or from a Person.

  • Stress Relief (Relaxes and Provides Tranquility)
  • Deep Sleep and Better Quality Rest
  • Restores Health and Wellbeing (on a Celular/Molecular Level)
  • For Professional Healing Therapies:

        -Emitting certain frequencies help reach injuries on a deeper celular and                       molecular level.

         -Increases a Therapist´s Healing Modalities, with Greater Improvements on          patients.

         **A Super Valuable Healing Tool to add to your Healing Practice.**

  • Program Your Subconscious Mind easily with Subliminal Messages:

        -Slow down Premature Aging.

         -Generate Prosperity.

         -Increase Concentration and Focus in your Studies.

         -Help You Focus Your Intentions and Affirmations.

         -Assist in Sleeping and Improve Quality of Rest.

         -Clearer Visualizations in Creating Your Dream Life.

         -Quieting the Mind and Eliminating Fears.


  • Tap Into Your Inner Creativity:

        -New ideas

         -Help Find Solutions to Problems.

  • Reach Certain States of Mind:

        -Beta (13Hz-40Hz): Awake, Conscious Alertness, Thinking.

            -Alpha (7.5Hz-13Hz): Physically and Mentally Relaxed.

-Theta (4Hz-7.5Hz): Deep Meditative state, Dream REM state.

            -Delta (0.5Hz-4Hz): Deep sleep (Dreamless).

  • Assists in Astral Projecting.
  • And So Much More!




***(Frequencies, Subliminals & Amplifier Are Sold Separately)***



  • Holistic Healing Centers.
  • Holistic & Homeopathy Practitioners.
  • Meditation & Yoga Centers.
    • Meditation and Yogi Practitioners.
    • Organic Agriculture.
    • Your Home and Sacred Spaces.



    As the Frequency Transmitter can transmit any frequency that you decide to play it can help with all the chakras.




    -Iron Oxide -Mica Powder -Copper -Brass -Shungite -Gold -Nickel

    -Amethyst -Citrine -Black Tourmaline-

    • COIL: 100% Copper (Magnetic Coiling)
    • RESIN



    14 cm in Diameter

    Approximately 4cm-6cm in Width



    It covers up to 50 meters circumference.


    With the help of an Amplifier the coverage increases immensely covering up to 100 meters circumference!  For more details on the Amplifier click on the following link:

  • Providing Peace, Tranquility, Love, Joy, Success, Wealth and Health to all Humanity.





    • Orgone Transmitter
    • Cable with Headphone Jack
    • Extension (0.5m/1m/2m) (Choose which one best fits your needs)
    • List of Rife Healing Frequencies (The actual Rife Frequencies are not included-This is ONLY a List of frequencies)
    • You can purchase RIFE Frequencies HERE





    1.) Accelerates Your Manifestation Power (Toroidal Field)

    The best things are felt through the heart. Our heart emits a super strong electromagnetic field (a toroidal field), making it more powerful energetically than any other organ in our bodies.

This toroidal field is the key to everything because our whole lives are created in this field. An energetic exchange through our heart occurs when we’re in close proximity of someone or when we touch someone physically.


The Frequency Transmitter connects our whole body to this donut-shaped field of energy which is ideal for every living thing in the universe.  Being in resonance with Creation means we can more easily manifest our desires and intentions in our life!


2.) Includes Coil Protection (Encapsulation)

If the coil is external (outside), this makes it more vulnerable to damage or accidents to the surface of the coil.  This can affect it from functioning optimally.


Our coils are encapsulated in resin making it not only beneficial as an orgonite but also as great protection to the coils itself.  It works in complete harmony with every element included inside the resin.


Our competitors have no encapsulation of their coils making it prone to any kind of accidental damage.


Encapsulation Benefits Check out:

  • Piezoelectric Effect.
  • Positive Orgone.

3.) Generates a Positive Energetic Charge (Piezoelectric Effect)

When the resin of an orgonite sets in and dries it shrinks in size, this shrinking causes permanent pressure upon the crystals inside.  This creates what is known as the Piezoelectric Effect.  Piezo in Greek means push. 


This pressure causes the quartz crystals inside to generate an electrical charge.



4.) Optimal Design Used (The Golden Ratio)

The Golden Ratio is included in the design of this device.  The ratio is approximately 1.618 which appears in geometry, art, architecture as well as in nature.


This specific design transmits important information and creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  It’s design is very eye-catching, which is why only the best artists follow this design.


5.) Offers Harmonization / 5G Protection (Positive Orgone Energy)

Orgone energy is similar to Prana, Chi and Vital Life Energy.  An orgonite is created by layers of organic and inorganic materials.  The organic resin absorbs negative ambient energy from your surrounding environment.


When this energy touches the metal coiling (inorganic), it causes the energy to reflect. This reflection causes a chaotic energetic movement of attraction, expansion, and repulsion at a high level.  This chaotic energy reaches the quartz crystals which help smooth out this chaotic energy and transform it creating balance and harmony (Positive Orgone Energy).


The center of the quartz crystals produce a health enhancing biomagnetic energy.  This positive orgone energy improves all Living things.  Our unique and one-of-kind Black Sun Orgone creates a perfect combination of Super Protection against even the Most Life Threatening electromagnetic fields, like 5G.


Everything just works better, you:

  • Sleep better.
  • Eat better.
  • Digest better.
  • Much Happier.
  • It helps Balance the body Promoting Wellbeing.

6.) Resonate at Your Natural State of Health (Schumann Resonance)

The only one on the Market, the Black Sun Orgone is left in the sun which resonates it to 7.83Hz, the Schumann Resonance.


This same frequency is what the Earth pulses at and is also a similar vibration to your brainwaves in an Alpha/Theta state.  Alpha/Theta brainwaves are what create a relaxed state of restfulness.  Being in this brainwave state is when cells begin to regenerate promoting healing to the body.


We are bombarded by so much technology now a days, which interrupts our natural rhythmic connection to the earth.  Wireless electrical devices in general vibrate anywhere from 2,500,000,000Hz(4G) and 28,000,000,000Hz(5G).  In comparison to the natural vibrations of 7.83Hz, it’s no wonder that we are insanely disconnected from nature’s frequency!


7.) High Quality Guarantee (Carefully Handcrafted with Love)

All our orgonite devices are made by hand, which ensures a high quality product. All Frequency Transmitters pass quality testing before shipment.


***Ensuring that You Receive the Best Quality Product & Trust in Our Company***


8.) Most Competitive Pricing on the Market! (Pay Less, Get More)

Apart from a high quality product and design, our prices are the lowest in the market of Energy Transmitters.


Our competition offer prices that begin any from $2000USD to $4000USD.  You are receiving a better deal for your dollar and an amazing product! It doesn’t get any better than this.


With Savings up to $2630USD!


***Get The Most Powerful Tool you will ever own Right Now!***





We test every Frequency Transmitter before shipping.

Our guarantee covers manufacturing defects only.


It does not cover accidents or intentional damages.


***NOTE: The materials are volatile, they can be arranged in random ways, the COLOR MAY VARY DUE TO THESE REASONS, the arrangement of the micro metal particles cannot be controlled.

This product is handmade, therefore we try our best to make sure that it is created as similar as possible to the product in the images above but will come with its own uniqueness.


This device should not be used to replace a Health Practitioner.  It is a tool which can assist in healing modalities.  Please consult your Health practitioner before using this device. 


We are not responsible for any harm caused on yourself or anyone else from not following proper indications.  This device should always be used safely and responsibly.


All our orgonite products consist of special orgone technology that helps in protection of Living Things against the harmful effects of Electromagnetic waves such as 5G.


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