Cloudbuster Space Purifier 3 Levels with Classic Orgone Energy

$160.00 $280.00 -43% OFF


Cloudbuster Space Purifier 3 Levels with Classic Orgone Energy

$160.00 $280.00 -43% OFF


Room Cleaner, Cloudbuster, Environment Ionizer

Quartz at the centre and absorbs cosmic ray is powered by a source of white Energy generated by the same Cloud Buster, the mix of colored quartz on the top absorbs all frequencies form EMR, this energy is attracted by the metal swarf in the middle, then passed through the citrine where energy is cleansed.

 Has a range of 150 meters.


  • Acerine: It increases the personal magnetism, purifies the blood and helps the regeneration of tissues.
  • Amethyst: Protects from psychic attacks, transmutes the energy in love, blocks the geopathic tensions and is a natural tranquilizer.
  • Red Jasper: Gentle stimulant, lands the energies and rectifies unfair situations.
  • Sodalite: Increases mental clarity, helps to be more tolerant and less critical, helps to have a better digestion.
  • Citrine (bottom layer): Powerful cleaner and regenerator, never needs cleaning, extremely protective for the environment as it absorbs, transmutes dissipates and conducts negative energy to earth, attracts wealth, prosperity and success, imparts joy and rises energy.
  • Adventurine: Comforts, heals and protects the heart, general harmonizer, it brings comfort and emotional calm.
  • Pyrite: It is an excellent energy shield, stimulates the flow of ideas, brings welfare and peace at home. Attracts money.
  • Black tourmaline, obsidian, agate, lapislazuli, tiger's eye, clear quartz, carnelian, rose quartz.


Handmade (With lot of LOVE).
Approximate measurements: Lower 9 cm, Upper 10 cm and Height 11 cm.

We check performance quality before shipping to make sure you are receiving the best product. We guarantee your purchase against any manufacturing defect.

We do not cover damage caused by accidents.

NOTE: The materials are volatile, they can be arranged in random ways, the COLOR MAY VARY DUE TO THESE REASONS, the arrangement of the micro metal particles cannot be controlled.

This product is handmade, therefore we try to ensure that your product is as similar to the one that appears in the images, but it will also come with its own uniqueness as it is a unique piece.

All of our orgone products contain special technology that protects living things from the harmful damage of 5G.

Handling and manufacturing time is approximately 2-3 weeks, shipping time will depend on the chosen method and may take 10-30 business days depending on customs and airport traffic.

 For better results you can use this Binaural Frequency with a Metayantra resonator:

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