To become a part of us as a distributor, you only have to choose between these two schemes, distribution or sales commission:


To become an Official Distributor, and have your data appear on this website, we require you to place an order of at least 50 pieces and we will give you a 40% discount (one purchase), DO NOT LOSE THE OPPORTUNITY of appearing on our website as a distributor, if you want to order less pieces, we offer different discounts depending on the purchase:

10 - 19  10% 10ITEMS
20 - 29 15% 20ITEMS
30 - 39  25%  30ITEMS
40 - 49 30% 40ITEMS
50 OR MOER 40% 50ITEMS


To GET THE DISCOUNT, just choose the desired quantity, and apply the DISCOUNT CODE that applies, according to the quantity chosen, this is placed in the payment window. 

Follow these steps:



The other option (commission) is to enroll in our referral program, in which you share a link and all purchases made in our store using that link will automatically generate you a 10% commission, here you can take advantage of the potential of social networks and earn an income just by sharing your link.

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