MPD - Metayantra Pranic Device

Pranic Devices have limitless uses. Each piece contains different crystals, geometry, and metals which shape the reality around the device in different ways. However powerful the intention we walk with is, determines how powerful the manifestations of that intention becomes. By carrying these pieces - we are granted very special naturally occurring energies which aid in our abilities to create and manifest. There are infinite ways to use each device - just as there are an infinite amount of intentions and possibilities. 

You can use the device as a pendant near the heart because it helps structure the water molecule's geometry; the blood pumping through the heart - while at the same time harmonizing the electromagnetic field of the heart. This is important because the heart generates the LARGEST MAGNETIC FIELD within our body, facilitating the process of personal and collective ascension. 

It can be used to modify, amplify and harmonize water by placing the device under a bowl with water and for about 5-15 minutes. The fractal and quantum field-spirals begin to modify the molecular structure of the liquid due to the process of harmonic induction generated by the device; helping the body in all its biological functions.

The KEY to programming your device, is VISUALIZATION and SETTING INTENTION:Beyond words - Using Pure feeling without thoughts. 

We filter our entire reality through words using a brain only capable of running at 10% it's capacity. Words don't come close to what feelings and emotions actual imprint into this dimension.

When we program the devices, we use the hidden telepathic language of intention, emotion and feeling - with no words. We turn the words into powerful feelings - which amplify our intentions. 

Find a space in nature where there isn't too much going on - where all you hear is the breeze, the birds, maybe the waters flowing... Take 10 minutes to breath and quiet the mind. Repeat the words: Thank you, you're welcome, I love you - until Thank you, you're welcome, and I love you - all MELT into one feeling- a divine expression of pure being; without words.

Place the device in your left palm, and place your right palm over the left, creating a bubble with the device in the middle.

Begin to visualize a pure white energy inside of a sphere emanating just above your head. 

Feel it pulsating at the tip of your head, until it starts traveling down through your right arm, into your right hand.

Feel it, visualize it the best you can. When you achieve to visualize and feel it, order the Device to clean itself completely (without words, only feelings) then print your intention with all the FORCE that your heart and mind could merge to create...

Feel how the Device vibrates...

The Device can be programmed with any positive intention using the hidden telepathic language of emotion:

Divinity • Love • Peace • Prosperity • Love • Abundance • Joy • Harmony • Balance

    Once programmed you can lay it on your forehead and infuse your intuition with your powerful feeling infused intention. After that, hang it close to your heart so the magnetic field of your heart may connect to the energy programmed within the device.

    The quality of the result depends on the strength of your intention - You can reprogram is as much as you'd like. I recommend once a week, really learning to set intention beyond words as though the intention is already happening and you are feeling it.

    After the device is programmed, lie down somewhere quiet - preferably in nature, and place the device on each chakra for about 5 to 10 minutes. Allow the energy of the device to infuse each energy center. Make sure to quiet the mind before doing so, and hold space in verbal silence until the process is complete. Remember to not think, but feel your intention and the energy as if everything you desire is happening - NOW.

    Place a glass or bottle of water on top of the device for about 5-20 minutes. The water will be harmonized at molecular level improving its purity and it will be full of pranic energy to help you in every body function.

    The vibrational rate at which the device emanates allows the magnetic and auric fields of the body to harmonize - "sealing holes" in the entire auric field. When the holes are sealed - it pushes out any dissonance (entities infiltrate through dissonance). Entities could manifest in the form of aches, pains, or unconscious actions. This is because our emotions, our bodies, and our intentions COMPLETELY out of alignment - and they are causing weaknesses in the subtle energy fields within out bodies. This device when used on all parts of the body seals these "holes" and entities slip away almost immediately. 

    For entities that are genetically attached to us due to karmic inheritance from our ancestors genetics, nose, eyes, smile, patterns, habits, etc: The removal of these energies or entities will be gradual and accurate; you will know the energy is leaving and feel the shift. It is recommended to use the device for 1 week straight, every day placing it on all the energy centers of the body until complete eviction of these entities and energies.

    Continuously using this pendant - as well as becoming a very powerful intention setter will make sure that no dissonant diss-harmonic energies can latch on to any part of your body. You will grow more healthy by sealing all the holes in the auric field through healthy disciplines and practices such as meditation, diet, movement, intention setting, creativity, forgiveness, compassion and service to others.


    Take a look at the picture above. After analyzing it - focus on seeing where you can make minor adjustments in your daily life, your diet, your interactions or reactions with others, your judgement, your water intake, your disciplines and practices and how much time you devote to them, your choice to experience joy or peace of love daily - or your abilities not to... All these facts play take toll on the body as well as play a roll in growing or contracting as souls in the body.