Wilhelm Reich, the father of Pranic energy, after having served in the First World War, studied medicine in Austria. His early career was as part of Sigmund Freud’s entourage, dedicating much of his studies to the beneficial effects of the orgasm. After publishing several psychological reviews on the matter, expressing the idea that “sexual freedom is the key to avoiding societal dysfunction”, Reich returned to medicine and soon discovered what he called “bions”. These bions were what he deemed bacteria killing organisms that emitted radiation - and this is where Orgone was born.


Reich moved to America and began his Pranic Energy research. Here he built the Pranic Energy Accumulator, which was a box with layers alternating organic and inorganic materials, designed to collect positive ion resonance and redistribute negative ion resonance.

The benefit being, this therapy could relieve pain sufferers and potentially reduce tumors in cancer patients. It was thought that if Pranic energy can be contained, then it could also be collected. Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR), produced at the time by atomic testing was now in the atmosphere and Reich believed, using this new technology, he could extract it. This is where the Cloudbuster was born.

The name “Cloudbuster” Pranic device comes from the idea that this device could create rain and snow and: "Bust clouds." 
The original device/model consisted of an arrangement of metal pipes. The pipes were then connected to hoses that were submerged in running water. The connection of the hoses and pipes were then enveloped by an Pranic Energy Accumulator Box,.

When pointed at the sky, it the Cloudbuster could either form new clouds or dissipates existing ones. The Cloudbuster is designed to work in the way lightning rods do. The Cloudbuster focuses on one location in the sky, collects Pranic energy and grounds it. By removing this energy, rain, or clouds would take its place. Today, one of Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster Pranic devices can still found in Rangeley, Maine.

The theories behind a cloud buster are the same mechanisms behind how Pranic Energy works, just that Pranic Devices are usually much smaller, more portable and subtle.

Naturally the Cloudbuster will be placed outside, ideally in a garden or underneath a tree. That isn’t to say that they cannot be placed on balconies, porches, or decks, as well. Early models required the Cloudbuster to be grounded in water in order to transfer energy; however, with the Metayantra Pranic Devices technology built into contemporary models, grounding is not necessary.

Aside from Reich’s intended purpose or removing DOR from the atmosphere, there are a number of other reasons why cloudbusting could be beneficial. This may include regions affected by drought, where farmers depend on crop output as a means of income, or individuals who live in rural or undeveloped areas where drought may affect their ability to feed themselves or their families.

Cloudbusting could also benefit those living in regions where wildfire is an imminent danger. For those suffering from malignant health problems, where air pollution or stagnant air has accumulated, a Cloudbuster could be beneficial. It would also be beneficial for those who are suffering the adverse side effects of seasonal depression and scientists who wish to know more about atmospheric weather conditions, study droughts, ocean patterns, or air-pollution. 

Whatever the intended purpose of the Cloudbuster, it is important to know—while the Cloudbuster may not cause immediate precipitation—its presence will aid in the atmospheric-energetic repair you wish to enact in your environment.

Areas most affected by smog or chemtrails will see more immediate results, some users have witnessed dark matter or smoke-like accumulation only then followed by clearer skies, cleaner air and fewer obstructions like clouds and chemtrails. Though not a substitute for Pranic Energy products that combat fatigue, anxiety, or restlessness due to cell phones, electrical wires Wi-Fi, some have said even their Cloudbuster outdoors has aided in combating the effects of their positive ion resonance.

As it is, so in many Pranic Energy products, the results should not be attached to one specific outcome. Focusing on one environmental change negates the numerous positive effects the Cloudbuster will have on your environment. While some have claimed better peace in their homes, others postulated their air was cleaner. For close to 80 years, the Cloudbuster has been used and improved and modeled globally to combat the adverse affects of pollution and drought.