Vibrational Tone of the Kabalah Kéter (Metatron)

$3.33 $8.00 -59% OFF

Vibrational Tone of the Kabalah Kéter (Metatron)

$3.33 $8.00 -59% OFF

💥 MIRACULOUS💥🧠 Vibrational Tone of the Kabalah Kéter (Metatron)✡️ Amazing Results! 🎧 🔛

Reconnect the Mind with Spiritual Clarity

Physically Involves:

  • Crown.
  • Brain.
  • Axillary lymphatics.
  • Left clavicle to Navel.


  • Sefira Kéter.
  • Number 1.
  • 1092 Hz Crown.
  • Note C # 6.

Kéter (in hebrew: כתר) It is the root of the tree. It symbolizes the spirit of God and the Divine Will. The Crown, the greatest source of energy, stands on the fringes of the days to the worries of days that is embodied in experience and meaning. Reconnects the mind with spiritual clarity, helps with insanity, comas and diseases of the mind and true perception.


How to use:
• Do not use earphones.
• Works optimally when used with one of our Frequency Emitters: Click Here to Get Yours
• Use with speakers.

📍📍📍 What happens if I use it with headphones? 📍📍📍
It can be annoying as it is a continuous sinusoidal tone, however this does not happen to everyone. The most important thing is that they are mechanical vibrations, the tone is like a song, on the physical side about healing, the important thing is that vibration reaches the affected organ or part of the body, it is not a tone that the brain has to interpret Like binaurals, therefore if you use headphones it would be useless because the vibration is only reaching your eardrum and then the brain interprets it as a simple noise, and the body is left without being exposed to said vibration. Unlike binaurals they seek is that the brain tries to identify the sound coming from the hearing aids.

Listen to the binaural Free at a Medium quality of 128 kbps here:

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(Free Lossless Audio Codec) -1000 kbps

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It is open source, it does not generate quality losses and the size of the file because it is compressed is much better.

The frequencies that we offer for free here by YouTube come with a maximum quality of 128kbps in videos.

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