Archangel Metatron 22 Vortex Gold Plated


Archangel Metatron 22 Vortex Gold Plated


Connection with the Divine Spirit

Metatronic Healing is the marriage of mind and heart to set the attunements and transmissions on energy bodies, clearing out what needed to be released, such as old thought-forms, imprints and stories, and allowing the space for a more refined vibration to enter. It helps in opening up to the angelic realm, raising vibration and embracing a new and powerful light in their energy fields. The magical and loving benefits of Metatron’s requencies connect you with Metatron’s divine source, where are life force and the love-power-wisdom, it connects you with a higher and deeper aspect of your own consciousness. In the most real sense, they re-forge your personal connections both with heaven and with earth.



  • Citrine: It has a great capacity to transmit the spiritual energy, in addition to the power to amplify the thoughts; to improve your self-esteem progressively, power the individuality and the self-esteem, you will surpass states of depression, fears and phobias. It cleans the chakras, it elevates the self-esteem, it promotes the concentration and it revitalizes the mind amplifying the power of the thoughts and it foments the vital joy.
  • Brass coil: Music, energy resonance and secrets are associated
  • Copper coil: Good luck, physical-Astral connection, alignment of subtle bodies.
  • Nickel coil: It is a lightweight metal associated with willpower and intellectual humility.
  • 22 points star: This number is capable of expressing the evolution of man, being an old soul that has gone through the first nine vibrations of the numerical scale. The people who own it lead a life marked by great lessons of responsibility, effort and work.
  • Gold Plated Metatron Archangel.


Handmade (With lot of LOVE).
Approximate diameter: 4.3 cm.

We check performance quality before shipping to make sure you are receiving the best product. We guarantee your purchase against any manufacturing defect.

We do not cover damage caused by accidents.

NOTE: The materials are volatile, they can be arranged in random ways, the COLOR MAY VARY DUE TO THESE REASONS, the arrangement of the micro metal particles cannot be controlled.

This product is handmade, therefore we try to ensure that your product is as similar to the one that appears in the images, but it will also come with its own uniqueness as it is a unique piece.

All of our orgone products contain special technology that protects living things from the harmful damage of 5G.

Handling and manufacturing time is approximately 1 week, shipping time will depend on the chosen method and may take 10-30 business days depending on customs and airport traffic.



For better results you can use this Binaural Frequency with a Metayantra resonator

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