Add Mixed Cobalt and Nano-Metal Particles to your device

$30.00 $70.00 -58% OFF

Add Mixed Cobalt and Nano-Metal Particles to your device

$30.00 $70.00 -58% OFF

Choose this option to have your device made with Cobalt and Bronze and Brass Nano Particles..

It is important that you tell us which device you are acquiring that mix will be added to, otherwise, it will be added randomly.

This special Blend has had excellent results in healing and cellular restoration processes, as well as for Personal evolution on a Physical and Spiritual Level.

The blend contains the following elements:

Cobalt Powder: Creates a cobalt-60 resistance effect, was used extensively in external beam radiotherapy machines, which produced a beam of rays that was directed into the patient's body to kill tumor tissue. Cobalt therapy was a revolutionary breakthrough in radiotherapy.

Bronze Powder: Energy of the Projective Sun and is related to fire. It is used to attract money or healing. Protective properties are attributed to the pieces of jewelry made of bronze, to return the negative energy to the originator. It is closely related to the sound, so they are typical Tibetan bowls and bells, whose sound is cleansing.

Brass powder: good electrical conductivity, 0.158 MegaSiemens/cm at 20ºC. It is associated with music, energetic resonance and secrets.

This mixture of nanoparticles has demonstrated effects at the electromagnetic level, which increase the resonance power of any device as well as amplifying its coverage.

Take advantage of this opportunity to amplify the power and reach of your device.

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