Capricorn Harmonizer


Capricorn Harmonizer


Promotes Optimism, Decision and the scope of Goals

Capricorns are not among the happiest signs of the zodiac. Rather, they sometimes tend towards melancholy and pessimism. When a Capricorn suffers from depression, must look for help. In fact, a Capricorn must try to maintain emotional stability through meditation, breathing or activities that help you Relax and do not lose control of your emotions.

Capricorn is one of the most hardworking signs of the horoscope. They are people with a tendency to be introverted, calm and melancholic, they are always willing to work hard and make sacrifices in order to get what they want. It is one of the most constant, safe and calm signs. They are responsible, skillful workers willing to persist as necessary to achieve their goals. They are reliable and often have the role of finishing a project initiated by one of the most pioneering signs. They love music. One of the stones linked to this zodiac sign is obsidian. Obsidian is also known as the Stone of justice.
In meditation it is used to achieve the changes of the inner self. It is considered one of the most important stones of the new Age. It allows us to reach the path of light. Its energy relates to the root chakra, with the energies linked to the Earth, the physical plane and the ability to survive. For its black color, obsidian allows us to get in touch with our deeper and negative experiences; absorbing the energy, and then expel it through the subtle bodies. It moves away all negative or violent energies from the environment. It is considered "the Mirror of the Soul", reflecting all good and bad, our own strength and also its limits; It shows us our fears and insecurities, weaknesses and self-centeredness.


  • Obsidian: Turns pessimism into optimism, shyness into decision and helps achieve goals.
  • Brass coil: Music, energy resonance and secrets are associated.
  • 21-pointed star: ambios in our life, positive stimuli, travel, reforms in the home and the undertaking of new activities.

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