Recent studies recognize that our body has an electrical and a magnetic component, this has been known since ancient times. Several energy therapies such as Reiki, Orgone energy, acupuncture and even chiropractic work with this HUMAN ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD.


Generador de Campos Pulsantes Biomagnéticos

To understand how our energy system works, we must understand certain concepts such as electric current and polarity.

Ampere's law states that any electric current moving through a conductor produces a magnetic field. Its most basic representation is shown in the following image, where the electric current is the straight line, and around it the magnetic field is shown guided by the right hand rule.

Ley de Ampere, Creación de Campos Magnéticos

Polarity means that an object has a different number of electrons at each pole, therefore they have different electric potential, which is measured in Volts. Polarity is present throughout the Universe. Our Planet has polarity, your cells have polarity.

 Potencial Eléctrico en el Cuerpo Humano

Water by itself is not a good conductor of electricity, however the presence of salts and ions allows the free passage of electrons, and this is why the water we drink becomes a good conductor. Let us remember that 70% of our body is precisely water.

A great dilemma in the history of mankind was the current war between Tesla and Edison..

There are two types of electric current:

  • Direct current (DC): for which Alva. Edison, where the electric charge flows only in one direction. Batteries have this type of current.
  • Alternating Current (AC): discovered by Nicola Tesla, where the direction of electrical flow changes from one direction to another. This is the type of current you use in your home.
  • Direct current in the human body.

It is the type of electrical flow that happens in living beings, neurons communicate through signals using this type of electrical current.

 La corriente eléctrica de las Neuronas


A conductor is any material that has the ability to carry electric charge, which depends on the availability of free electrons.

An insulator lacks free electrons so it does not allow the transmission of electric charge, this property is called resistance. In between these two are semiconductors.

They are materials that can carry electric charge under certain circumstances depending on the temperature. The Hungarian Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Györgi was a pioneer in studying the phenomenon of semiconduction in living beings.


Luigi Galvani exposed electricity in animals as early as 1780, he realized that when he applied electric shocks to the leg of a dead frog, it moved every time the shock was applied, and thus a direct connection was established between animal tissue and electricity.

Luigi Galvani, y su aporte al biomagnetismo

The cell membrane contains proteins that serve as ion pumps, which in the resting state keep certain ions inside or outside the cell, creating an electrical potential. The charge difference between the inside and outside ranges from -40 to -80 millivolts, and its most typical value is -70 mV.

To communicate, neurons rapidly reverse the charges on each side of the membrane, a phenomenon called depolarization, which means that positive charges are introduced into the cell. These particles are then expelled and the negative charge is restored inside the cell, which is known as Repolarization.

The following image shows the transport of sodium molecules into the cell, and how sodium and potassium are transported in repolarization.


Neurons transfer information through their axon. When depolarization reaches the end of the neuron, hormones are released.

So the release of hormones, such as dopamine, serotonin or oxytocin among many others is a 100% electrical process.

Las neuronas y su relación con las hormonas

Robert O. Becker another interesting scientist confirms that living organisms use direct current, which can be measured from the body surface. When an injury happens, there is a current leakage that creates a short circuit in this direct current, so tissue repair happens through electrical semiconduction. He also emphasized the fact that the perineural system is sensitive to magnetic fields.


Since the Egyptians as well as the Greeks used magnets as healing instruments, they already worked their Qi energy (or Prana), also known as Orgone energy, as well as the chakras.

Civilizaciones Ancestrales en el Biomagnetismo

Franz Anton Mesmer, a German physician marginalized from scientific society, understood health as the free flow of life energy (orgone) through thousands of channels in the body. Disease is a consequence of the hindrance of this flow. Many ancient therapies such as acupuncture point to the same thing.

Mesmer used magnets to restore this flow. Despite all his achievements, he was never recognized by the scientific community. King Louis XVI sent a commission of experts, among them Antoine Lavoisier, concluding that the flux does not exist and that everything is a figment of the imagination, without showing any conclusive evidence. Leaving the study of the magnetic field in the human body in oblivion.

It was a century after Mesmer's death (1815), that there was an important advance in the electrical subject when in 1903 Einthoven invented the first electrocardiogram, which is still used today, obtaining the Nobel Prize in 1924. At the same time Hans Berger recorded the first electroencephalogram using his son's head. And in 1939 Burge detected voltage changes in the body. Today it is accepted that physical activity makes the body more negative. Sleep is characterized by a decrease in voltage. And anesthesia tends to make the body more positive.

The Electromagnetic importance of the heart.

El campo electromagnético del Corazón

The heart is the main electrical generator of our body, its incessant pumping creates a magnetic field around us. Blood is a good conductor of electricity, and the circulatory system transmits electrical pulses with each heartbeat.

Every organ has its own electromagnetic field, even every cell. Today the Heart Math Institute is making many advances in the integration of the heart's electrical and magnetic fields and their relationship to overall well-being.

Instituto HearthMath, demuestra el campo electromagnético del corazón

The size of the electromagnetic field created by the brain is minimal compared to that of the heart. The existence of hypersensitive devices allows us to measure the magnetic activity created by the electricity occurring within the brain.

Neuromelanin has paramagnetic qualities.

Additionally, there are super-sensitive magnetometers, known as SQUIDS, which have been used to detect magnetic emissions from the human body.

The human body emanates an electromagnetic field, also known as a biofield. If the circuits of the human body are electrical, there is a corresponding magnetic field around it, and a harmonizing magnetic field will help the body to function properly.

That said, we can think of the auric field and the biofield as the same phenomenon. Several scientists and therapists agree on this point.

 Corazón y su campo biomagnético