Vishuddha 5th Chakra Quantic Resonator

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Harmonize Emotions with Thoughts


Tonsils, tongue, teeth, gums, cervical, larynx, lungs, esophagus, vocal cords, bronchi

The fifth chakra is the center of sound, vibration and self-expression. It is the domain of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits and receives communications both with our inner wisdom and with others. Some of  ts attributes are the listening, the speaking, the singing, the writing and all the arts that have to do with sound and speech. It is also the center of dynamic creativity, clairaudience and telapatía, because communication is an essential key to access the inner planes and to use our multidimensional mental levels.

If this chakra works incorrectly or is closed, you express yourself with difficulty, you have problems for people to understand your posture or the idea you intend to express, there are prejudices that come out through the word, you usually have problems when it comes to relate with others because of your excessive shyness. The individual is always silent and in the background and when he speaks, he expresses things of no importance.


  • Sodalite: It is useful in conflicts with the ego, strengthens the lymphatic system and metabolism, dispels illusion and fantasy, reduces tension and anxiety, clears the mind and helps rational thinking, ideal for sensitive and emotional people, acts on the frontal chakra.
  • Quantum Resonance Plate with sacred geometry.
  • Copper Coil: Element of protection, it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, as well as the power to amplify thoughts.
  • Brass Coil: Music, energy resonance and secrets are associated
  • 16 Pointed Star: they have to do with aspects of past lives.
  • Triangle: Female Side.


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 For better results you can use this Binaural Frequency with a Metayantra resonator

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