Metatron Antahkarana Reiki Moldavite Crystals Array Zipolite Pyramid

$210.00 $250.00 -16% OFF

Metatron Antahkarana Reiki Moldavite Crystals Array Zipolite Pyramid

$210.00 $250.00 -16% OFF

Ideal for Meditation or Vibrational Healing spaces

  • Archangel Metatron: He is one of the only two Archangels who previously lived as a human on earth, being the prophet Enoch and God who took him to the Heavenly kingdom and transformed him into an Archangel. His name ends in "ON" which means "Great". His name has not been given any exact translation, but it can mean "Great advisor of the Light" as well (metator = meter) Some argue that it comes from the Hebrew word which means "Gatekeeper" or "He who is behind the Throne". And in the Latin translation as Metator, Messenger and Expressor of legions (archangels). The meaning of the metatron cube has been studied from different points of view, ranging from the physical and energetic, through metaphysics and spirituality. Inside the cube we can observe the tetrahedron that points upwards (heaven) and the one that points downwards (earth). Male (points up) and female (points down). Upward flow and downward flow. Created by our original eight cells, the Star Tetrahedron is both the potential of who we are and a record of our experiences. The balance of male and female. The balance of heaven and earth. The balance of all that is in this third dimensional world. One of the principles of sacred geometry is found in the hermetic maxim "as above, so below" and also in "that which is found in the small world, the microcosm, reflects that which is found in the great world or macrocosm". This principle of correspondence is at the base of all arcane sciences, where the forms of the manifested universe are reflected in the body and constitution of man. This device has a copper plate whose engraving has in perfect precision the energy of the cube of the archangel Metatron, this plate works as a reflector and transmuting element of the electromagnetic energy, harmonizing this energy in low frequencies of healing and reflecting all harmful energy, harmonizing every energetic point, curing diseases in total synchrony with the universal source.
  • Antahkarana: This symbol has a great energetic power; the simple fact of being in its presence creates a positive effect in the chakras and the aura, it is part of the spiritual anatomy, it is the connection between the physical brain and the superior Self. It automatically creates "The Great Microcosmic Orbit", where physical energies normally enter through the crown chakra. Quartzes are placed for better resonance with the symbol through Reiki healing. Energetic Cleaning.
  • Citrine: not only is a spiritual cleanser (like selenite), but it can also regenerate your spiritual being. Every day your spirit is exposed to external energies that are harmful and good for the spirit. When there is too much negative energy in your spirit, you will feel that your balance is off. This is because spirit can also get stuck with negative and toxic energies. Yellow citrine and its properties are the perfect rock to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit.
  • Amethyst: (Sixth Chakra Ajna) Of great power to overcome states of spiritual despair; of mental confusion due to excessive worries of a labor nature, of discouragement. It is ideal for irritable children who cannot stand being touched or looked at, a fact that in many cases is due to the presence of intestinal parasites, which this stone fights effectively. It helps people who wish to temper their moods and emotions; it brings clarity and serenity in case of deep emotional contents which it helps to overcome. It is a great mood stabilizer. It is in this sphere where it offers its greatest benefits, since its vibrations have the virtue of opening the channels of energy that lead to a greater global consciousness. It offers invaluable help to those who have undertaken a path of spiritual search, but who cannot control their sexual energy to transform it into creative energy.
  • White Quartz: (Seventh Chakra Sahasrara) White quartz or milky quartz is a crystal that helps us feel lighter, without those burdens we always carry. In this way it can help us to better cope with a bad moment, negative feelings such as guilt, or simply a bad love affair. This crystal can also be used to feel more serene, for example, when faced with possible fears and anguish. Its strength is also balancing, which means that it will make us feel much better.
  • Moldavite: (1 piece) is another of the stones of the new era. It is a form of tektite, which is said to have an extraterrestrial origin, formed when a giant meteorite impacted the earth. The heat of the impact metamorphosed the surrounding rocks, creating a scattered field by spreading the resulting crystals over a large area. The moldavite is therefore a fusion of extraterrestrial energies with mother earth. It is a rare stone. It is now found along the banks of the Moldau River and is unlikely to be found anywhere else in the world. The crystal will be exhausted. That is why it is said to be one of the rarest crystals, if not the rarest. The Moldavite has been used since Stone Age times as a talisman and good luck and fertility charm. Many people think that it came to help in the transition of the earth and that the time has come to use its energies wisely. It can greatly enhance the effect of the crystals, bringing them into their higher vibrations. The Moldavite helps you communicate with your higher self and with the aliens. It has its own cosmic soul envelope that can put you in touch with the ascended masters and cosmic messengers. Holding this stone in the light and looking at it changes your state of consciousness. This mineral takes you to the highest spiritual states and facilitates the ascension process. Its energy has to be settled, because otherwise it can leave you up in the air and rootless. The moldavite has an extremely high vibration, which opens the chakras, clearing any blockages they may have and aligning them. It integrates the divine template and accelerates spiritual growth. The moldavite resonates with the crown chakra, opening it to receive the highest spiritual guidance. Placed on the throat, the moldavite communicates interplanetary messages, especially those related to the state of Earth's ecology and its need for healing.
  • Caracol of Playa de los Muertos: (Zipolite Oaxaca) The Caracol has been personally collected from a sacred place on the Zipolite beach, "Playa de los Muertos" in Zapotec language, this was a sacred place where the ancient Zapotecs sent their deceased loved ones to rest in the upper world, imagine a far away place, some place in time, where there are warm smiles, like rays of the sun, together in a common dream, enjoying nature in all its splendor in an enchanted environment. There is a hidden place deep in the south of Mexico, Zipolite is its common name. The Zapotec Indians believe that it is an area where one can surrender to the forces of nature and be born again with the breath of the great wind, the stars that never end, open up. The Zapotecas used the beach for great visions in their search for harmony with nature and the universe. There are those who still visit this sacred space on Zipolite beach for a break from the stress of city life. It is a point of etheric energy and those fortunate enough to visit this sacred place can possibly vibrate to a higher level of consciousness and experience oneness with nature. It is a great place to work on oneself as an individual or as a group for those who have the vision to be in harmony with our natural environment and practice mindfulness. We welcome those who wish to live, work or vacation with a sense of responsibility and respect for our mother earth. The pyramids are made, charged and programmed in this place of great energy and pure natural earth power. This pyramid has the ability to get the power of the sun, and release it at night, it has its own light and creates its own energy. This is a great device, with excellent technology implemented, the coil at the bottom is based on icosahedral energy, with golden wire that attracts all the photons and electrons from the environment and creates a vortex that flows to the top of the pyramid that passes through a sea snail that has the auric proportion, the base of all creation, a small universe within this great pyramid, ordering the energy created by the vortex and directing it to the citrine quartz at the top, the quartz works like a clock, making a pulsating wave, creating a harmonious and peaceful environment at work or at home.

Handmade (With lot of LOVE).
Approximate measurements: Height 10 cm, Base Sides 8 cm, Edge 9 cm.

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