Incense Blessed by Tibetan Monks

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Incense Blessed by Tibetan Monks

$65.65 $89.00 -27% OFF

Provides Freshness, and Protection against Evil Spirits, Prevents Decalcification, Flu and other Diseases

Contains precious mang medicinal materials used in Tibetan medical tradition: white and red sandalwood, musk, saffron, borneol, clove and more than 30 kinds of precious and refined natural herbs and spices.

Mindrolling incense is Self-cultivated, provides freshness, and protection against evil spirits, prevents decalcification, flu and other diseases. Especially helps the treatment of epilepsy. Having this incense is also defending peace!

  • Made from natural aromatic herbs.
  • Prayed and Blessed in Meditation by Monks of Mindrolling.
  • Hand rolled in Tibet, 100% Natural.
  • Approximately 50 incense sticks per barrel.
  • Each incense stick is about 17cm and a diameter of 3.5mm.

Mindrolling is the largest monastery of Nyingmapa IN THE Lhoka AREA. This incense has been prepared according to the recipe of the Grand Master Terchen Rigzin Gyurme Dorje. It has a very special fragrance and is widely used to make offerings to the Buddhas.

The monastery was built to renew the Mindrolling Monastery in India. Everything about the monastery is simply grand: at over 60m tall its Great Stupa is believed to be one of the world’s tallest stupa and contains a series of shrine rooms displaying relics, murals, and Tibetan art surrounded by large prayer wheels. Impressive 35 m high gold Sakyamuni Buddha Statue, dedicated to Dalai Lama, is presiding over the monastery. It is the largest Buddhist center in the world. All the masters, teachers, and followers of Nyingma lineage consider Mindrolling monastery as an inspiring example of the practice of profound Dharma of Vajrayana Buddhism.


Nagyur Nyingma College, is part of the Mindrolling monastery. This state-of-the-art institute trains monks to preserve the unbroken lineage of teachings and passes them on to the next generation of practitioners. Presently, the Mindrolling organization provides education to over 300 monks, starting from primary, secondary education till research



  • School of Buddhism: Nyingmapa, including Dzogchen.
  • Founded: originally built in the 10th century, expanded in the 17th century (1676).
  • Location: between Lhasa and Tsedang.
  • Altitude: about 3,650 m.

Monks of Mindrolling Monastery perform Cham Dance on the 4th day of the 4th month, and on the 10th day of the 5th month according to Tibetan Lunar Calendar.


The last words of Minling Terchen Gyurme Dorje creator of the recipe for this incense 


སྣང་གྲགས་རིག་གསུམ་ལྷ་སྔགས་ཆོས་སྐུའི་ངང༌། །

nang drak rik sum lha ngak chökü ngang

May appearances, sounds and consciousness, in the state of deity, mantra and dharmakaya,

སྐུ་དང་ཡེ་ཤེས་རོལ་པར་འབྱམས་ཀླས་པས། །

ku dang yeshe rolpar jamlepe

merge infinitely like the unfolding of the kayas and wisdoms

ཟབ་གསང་རྣལ་འབྱོར་ཆེན་པོའི་ཉམས་ལེན་ལ། །

zabsang naljor chenpö ñamlen la

in the deep and secret practice of Great Yoga,

དབྱེར་མེད་ཐུགས་ཀྱི་ཐིག་ལེར་རོ་གཅིག་ཤོག །

yerme tuk kyi tikler ro chik shok

and that they are of a single flavor, indivisible with the tiklé of the wisdom mind!


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