Gratitude Crop Circle 12 Vortex


Gratitude Crop Circle 12 Vortex


Bring The Energy of Gratitude Into Your Life

The energy of gratitude helps you to be grateful for everything that happens in your life. We are information codes in the vast Creation, we emit and add information in the flow of universal energy. Every thought, every emotion, every word, every action is added to the information network of the universal energy. Our thoughts of complaint and pessimism tune into vibrational levels that respond by attracting more of "it" to us. It is important to change our inner dialogue of scarcity for a dialogue of proclamation of abundance. There will be a significant change if our thinking, feeling, saying and doing are at higher vibrational levels. For this, we can get used to thanking and blessing. Then we will see with amazement how we will get in tune with the Source of Peace, of Health, of Joy, of Wisdom, of Protection and of Abundance that flows through the Blessed River of Life. The Gratitude that comes from the heart, from the light of the soul is powerful.


  • Amethyst: favors thought planning, enhancing the assimilation of new ideas and connecting with cause and effect.
  • 12-Pointed Star: (Reflection of Bethlehem) is the one that represents time lived in harmony. Therefore it is one of the most complete stars, since it attracts abundance, favors spiritual well-being, attracts love and strengthens health.
  • 6-pointed Star: (Star of David) is the union of God with the human being.
  • Brass Coil: Music, energy resonance and secrets are associated.
  • Copper: one more element of protection, it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, as well as the power to amplify thoughts.

Handmade (With lot of LOVE).
Approximate diameter: 4.3 cm.

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NOTE: The materials are volatile, they can be arranged in random ways, the COLOR MAY VARY DUE TO THESE REASONS, the arrangement of the micro metal particles cannot be controlled.

This product is handmade, therefore we try to ensure that your product is as similar to the one that appears in the images, but it will also come with its own uniqueness as it is a unique piece.

All of our orgone products contain special technology that protects living things from the harmful damage of 5G.

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For better results you can use this Binaural Frequency with a Metayantra resonator:

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