Golden Proportion Protection Pyramid

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Golden Proportion Protection Pyramid

$70.00 $90.00 -23% OFF

Endorses harmonic Meditations in coherence with the Universe

"""The rule or golden section is a ratio measures. This is the harmonic division of a line into extreme and mean ratio. This refers to the lower segment is the largest segment, since this is the entire line. Or cut a line into two unequal parts so that the largest segment is the entire line as the child is the greatest.

Thus a ratio of sizes with the same proportionality between the whole divided into major and minor states, this is similar to the mean and extreme ratio result. This proportion or form of proportional select a line called golden ratio is adopted as a symbol of the golden section (Æ), and representation in numbers this size ratio is called the golden number = 1.618.

Throughout the history of the visual arts have emerged different theories of composition. Plato said: it is impossible to combine two things well without third, we need a relationship between them that the assembly, the best bond for this relationship is everything. The sum of the parts as everything is the most perfect relationship of proportion.

Vitruvius, an important Roman architect, accepts the same principle but says that symmetry is to agree measures between the various elements of the work and these to the whole. He invented a mathematical formula for the division of space within a drawing, known as the Golden Section, and was based on a given between the longer and shorter sides of a right proportion. Such symmetry is governed by a common module, which is the number. Otherwise defined, bisecting a table and using the diagonal of one of its halves as radio to expand the dimensions of the square to make it """" golden rectangle """". You arrive at the ratio a: b = c: a.

That said, according to Vitruvius, is analyzed to create a composition that if we put the main design elements on one of the lines dividing the golden section, the balance between these elements and the rest of the design is achieved. """



  • Citrine: It has a great capacity to transmit the spiritual energy, in addition to the power to amplify the thoughts; to improve your self-esteem progressively, power the individuality and the self-esteem, you will surpass states of depression, fears and phobias. It cleans the chakras, it elevates the self-esteem, it promotes the concentration and it revitalizes the mind amplifying the power of the thoughts and it foments the vital joy.
  • Cobalt: Creating a resistance effect to cobalt-60, it was widely used in external beam radiotherapy machines, which produced a beam of rays that were directed at the patient's body to kill tumor tissue. Cobalt therapy was a revolutionary advance in radiation therapy. Bronze Powder: Energy of the Projective Sun and is related to fire. It serves to attract money or healing.
  • Red Jasper: Gives support in moments of tension bringing tranquility and fullness. Reminds people to help each other. Aligns chakras, balances yin and yang. It lands energies and rectifies unjust situations, brings problems to light and helps to understand difficult situations. Calms emotions and stimulates the base chakra and assists in rebirth.
  • Pyrite: It is an excellent energy shield. It blocks and cuts off negative energy at all levels. It is a very positive stone, facilitates contact with one's abilities, stimulating the flow of energy. Psychologically, it relieves anxiety and frustration. It boosts self-esteem and confidence, especially in men who feel inferior. In women it helps to overcome the servile attitude and inferiority complex. It also accelerates mental activity, as well as memory and recall.
  • Copper Coil: A protective element, it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and has a great capacity to transmit spiritual energy, as well as the power to amplify thoughts.
  • 8-Pointed Star: Represents rebirth, renewal and spiritual regeneration The octagon, which is the geometric figure that we obtain from the eight-pointed Star, represents the union between the Earth and the sphere, that is, the spiritual, the sacred world and the supreme order.
  • Brass Coil: Music, energetic resonance and secrets are associated.
  • 12 Point Star: Is the one that represents the time lived in harmony. Therefore it is one of the most complete stars, since it attracts abundance, favors spiritual well-being, attracts love and strengthens health.
  • 21 Point Star: Promotes changes in our lives, positive stimuli, travel, home improvements and the undertaking of new activities.

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    Approximate diameter: Height: 10 cm, sides of the base: 8 cm, edge: 9 cm.

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