Prehispanic Xolotl Dress (Woman)

$39.00 $65.00 -40% OFF

Prehispanic Xolotl Dress (Woman)

$39.00 $65.00 -40% OFF
Xoloitzcuintle, the spiritual guide of our ancestors

Considered a living archaeological jewel, the Aztec dog native to Mexico is one of the oldest breeds inhabiting the planet, more than 7,000 years old.

The word Xoloitzcuintle comes from the Nahuatl word Xólotl, which means monster, stranger or animal, and the term Itzcuintli, which means dog.

For the Aztecs, this canine was very special and respected for being a gift from the god Xólotl to guide the souls of the deceased who traveled to the Mictlán (underworld).

In the Mexica cosmovision they also have an important role; Xolotl is the twin of Quetzalcoatl with the head of a dog, deity of the sunset and transformation; conceived as the hidden Venus that accompanies the Sun during the sunset to fight a battle in the Mictlan (underworld) during the night. While his twin Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, is the light and life of this planet that accompanies the Sun at dawn.

We want to create awareness of where we come from, retake the worldview that our ancestors of the great Tenochtitlan left us, remember the importance of being indigenous or mestizo, is to empower us, to reconcile us with our roots and above all to retake the respect and coexistence with mother earth. Let's take the best that our ancestors left behind and share it with the world.

Our values
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Unity

Fresh and comfortable fabric.

Accessories with cultural, spiritual and psychedelic designs.

100% Mexican clothing and accessories brands with psychedelic art that promotes our pre-Hispanic and world culture.

▶ Technique: silkscreen printing.

▶ V-neck and long sleeves.

▶ T-shirt made of soft 100% cotton fabric, black color./ SIZE M

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