Antahkarana Reiki Crystal Array with Vajravidarana Mandala


Antahkarana Reiki Crystal Array with Vajravidarana Mandala


Harmonization for Pregnant Women and their Babies

This symbol has great energetic power; The simple fact of being in its presence creates a positive effect on the chakras and the aura, it is part of the spiritual anatomy, it is the connection between the physical brain and the higher Self. It automatically creates "The Great Microcosmic Orbit", where the physical energies that normally enter through the crown chakra. The quartz are placed for better resonance with the symbol through Reiki healing. Energy Cleaning.
Vajravidaran means the Supreme Destroyer of evil, it is the Buddhist deity of purification, who eliminates all contamination, negative attitude and wrong behavior made with the body, mind and speech. Besides the possible impurities at all levels, it also eliminates their origin (Karma), external sources and obstacles, caused by natural imbalances, or negative zodiacal influences. It also eliminates the causes of diseases and negativities of unknown origin. After purification, a protective shield is created with the Vajra (the object carried in the right hand and representing the spiritual diamond force), which protects for the future.


  • Quantum Resonance Plate in Sacred Geometry
  • 6 White Quartz: allows the body to balance energies, achieving a good mood. It will give you the energy that will help you overcome anxiety, it will help you to enter a state of meditation, of calm, of calming your mind. Relieve those states of confusion
  • 1 Amethyst: It is a natural tranquilizer that helps to block negative environmental energies. When meditating, it helps you take your thoughts away from the mundane, promoting the assimilation of new ideas. It brings common sense, enhances memory and motivation, and centers you emotionally.
  • Vajravidaran mandala.

Handmade (With lot of LOVE).
Approximate diameter: 5.5 cm.

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