Aries Harmonizer

$14.99 $60.00 -76% OFF

Aries Harmonizer

$14.99 $60.00 -76% OFF

Stimulates Patience and Rectifies Unfair Situations

The Arians are passionate, adventurous, intuitive and risky, with a strong character that does not usually go unnoticed by it have more intimate compatibility with strong signs like them, in addition of requiring specific gems to balance their character, ensure protection and stabilize their mood. If there is something that characterizes this sign of fire is its impatience, and what happens is that they work very hard and give it all, however they have trouble waiting for the result. So one of the best stones for Aries is the Red Jasper that stimulates patience and increases perseverance and will, helping all born under this sign to undertake projects that are plotted, successfully.



  • Red Jasper: Stimulates patience and increases perseverance and will, lands energies and rectifies unfair situations, helps understand difficult situations, discover problems, help calm emotions to take the best solution, helping those born under this sign aemprender the projects that are drawn successfully.
  • Copper Coil: excellent conductor of electricity and heat, ability to transmit spiritual energy, as well as the power to amplify thoughts.
  • Star of 18 points: represents a universal interest, symbol of spirituality and inner strength. Represents the inner light shows great compassion and affection towards others.


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